Why should you use SEO agency for your business?

SEO Agency

SEO Agency

Advertising has changed in one of the most complex and critical components necessary to run the business. Ultimately, this means that all your company’s success is likely to depend largely on the strength of your marketing campaign.

Currently, online is the place where every at, it is also the main reason why most businesses looking to advertise their products or services through the Internet. To achieve this, you need to have a website of the company that will run your internet marketing campaign. With a large proportion of spam links and many other websites floating around on the Internet, it is easy for the company’s website to look for missing or so below the title in the SERPs that the probability of search engines to find the website seriously decreases.

So by paying the search engines to put your website on the top of the list is not cheap, the next most sensible thing you can do this using SEO or SEO strategies to increase clicks with respect to the website and help him to work its way into the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Marketing: How it works and helps

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase the visibility of the product or business, increasing its presence. In online marketing, the main purpose of an advertiser to get more Internet users to view web pages with information about products or services promoted. One of the leading methods to increase online traffic to a specific web page search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is an online marketing technique that involves the promotion of websites or web pages by increasing their visibility and ranking in search results stranits.Kontseptsiya focus on search engine came from a well known that a large number of Internet users Go to search engine websites, or not to transfer to other forms of web. It’s like placing billboards and posters in areas where the majority of potential customers go. Search results serve as a platform or link to a website or web pages.

How exactly does this work? Search engine provides the connection platform for database, where independent and affiliated sites make possible to search for the article is available. Articles are like doors and openings in the pipeline to the websites, as they contain hyperlinks that connect to certain web pages.

Some guidelines to optimize search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Are you looking forward to optimize search engine marketing, then here are some useful guidelines to help you.

There are several ways in which the search optimization can be done. There are many marketers who make use of different methods for search engine optimization, so that they can get a high ranking in search engines. With this they are able to get a good amount of traffic to your site. If you are also looking forward to optimize search engine marketing, then here are some of the methods that you can use to your advantage.

The first thing that plays an important role in the ranking of your site in search engine keywords. There are many marketers who are not using the right keywords, or they use are very competitive keywords. This is something that will not allow you to keep a good search engine rankings.

When you make use of keywords for SEO optimization is one thing you should pay attention to keyword density. If you use too many keywords in the content, and you feel that you can get a high rank, you are wrong, you will not be able to get a good position in search engines. This is because, according to the search engine is spam. It is recommended to use 5% of the density.

Search Engine Marketing Essential for web sites

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is important for all websites who want to generate revenue from online business or just want to create awareness among the people. People who are interested in buying something on the Internet can approach the sites available on the Internet. For this work, the site should take any marketing steps to make it visible to the online customers. Search engines rank individual sites by the work done on this site. For this website you need a good SEO company that can understand the business well and put the sites among the top ranking related websites.

Search engines have a set of guidelines – based on which websites should work and create their own position. SEO company always operates in accordance with these guidelines and are struggling to take a particular website on top among its competitors. Search Engine Marketing company employs various means to take care of their customers and make them rank high due to optimization.

SEO companies tend to adopt at the top of the site among competitors. There are different ways to use – search engine optimization, PPC campaign management, affiliate marketing, web analytics, social media optimization, etc. So it’s not one job that creates the desired positioning of the face.

Search Engine Marketing Explained

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines have become a new consumer, communications and marketing channel. Google, Yahoo and MSN serve 213 million searches a day. In fact, 9 out of 10 internet surfers use a search engine to start your internet journey. Therefore, if your site does not have visibility into systems, you are missing a significant amount of traffic.

Natural vs. paid for lists

There are essentially two listings within the search results page (SERP): Natural lists (left) and pay for inclusion (above and right).

Natural engine results lists believes to be the most relevant sites to your search. Natural ads consistently earn more than 70% of consumer clicks. Paid for the transfer of ads served by advertisers who bid for the term sought by the consumer.

Natural ads so the list of available websites in the World Wide Web, while payment for the lists are only links from relevant advertisers are willing to pay for the place, and thus a high visibility in the engines.

To increase Reach, advertisers can pay for search advertising themselves as well as their local listings, mobile lists and content network website system.

How To Monitor Your Child’s Activities Through Keylogger

If you would like to know and monitor about your child’s activity then you can use the software of keylogger. This is the best choice to every parent in the world. If your child spends more time for playing games and chatting then they may be threatened by hackers and strangers. To overcome this problem you can approach the keylogger. The keylogger is also called as REFOG keylogger. It is mainly designed for dealing with the extended families. But it also fit for small families, it is very effortless to use and handle. The software is assisted to monitor the child’s activity over internet.

This kind of software will not need the close presence, but it will give the alert if your child involved in the suspicious activities. The keylogger is very simple to install, it can be used and set up by anyone. Here the monitor will not involve in the sheer learning curve also it will not affect degree in the computer science for operating and configuring. You can download this version freely form www.refog.com. The REFOG keylogger will maintain the list of entire activities of your child. It will record and trace all visited sites and save in logs and also keep the logs of instant messenger and chat conversation.

You can receive all messages, chats, forums, blogs, offline and online applications. The REFOG keylogger will save each and every phrase and key pressed, and it will make the episodic imprison of a computer screen for best illustration. These activities are used to capture and analyze your child’s behavior. If you have more doubts then you can refer the http://www.refog.com/. The REFOG keylogger will detect the famous instant messengers, forums and chats clearly readable, and legible, that log containing the conversation of both instant messengers and chat. It will be more convenient and comfortable to read.

Diversey awarded for cutting carbon emissions using Google Apps

Editor’s note: We’ve invited Brent Hoag, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, of Diversey to tell readers about their recent recognition as one of InformationWeek’s most innovative users of business technology. Diversey, formerly JohnsonDiversey, is headquartered in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. With sales in more than 175 countries, Diversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, serving customers in the building management, lodging, food service, retail, health care, and food and beverage sectors. Diversey, Inc. is committed to a cleaner, healthier future. Its products, systems and expertise make food, drink and facilities safer and more hygienic for consumers and for building occupants.

This week, InformationWeek announced its annual listing of the nation’s 500 most innovative users of business technology. We’re proud to report that Diversey was recognized as being among the top 10 U.S. manufacturers for its innovative and environmentally efficient cloud computing strategy – the foundation of which is Google Apps. The use of Google Apps for email, collaboration and calendar helped Diversey reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 73 metric tons or the equivalent of taking roughly 15 passenger vehicles off the road.

In just one day, the company migrated 14,000 accounts to Google Apps in more than 60 countries and 18 languages. Since implementation in May 2009, employees have changed the way they communicate with other employees and customers. Google Apps’ cloud-based e-mail, calendars, documents and sites have improved the quality, consistency and effectiveness of communication and allows for business continuity in the event of a disaster.

The company’s migration to cloud computing was the result of a corporate-wide commitment to find more sustainable and efficient ways of doing business. Diversey’s cloud-based technology platforms allow for a collaborative working environment and helps maintain business continuity. It also reduced the company’s carbon footprint by eliminating up to 10 company servers and by decreasing the need for business travel and the purchase of redundant hardware and software.

Diversey’s commitment to sustainable IT is another example of our environmental leadership and our passion for finding new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations globally. In Google, we’ve found a good partner in the sustainability movement, and look forward to continuing to meet and exceed our sustainability and innovation goals together.

City of Orlando: cutting costs while advancing our infrastructure in just two months

Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Conrad Cross, CIO of the City of Orlando, Florida. In November, the city announced it had Gone Google. Last month Orlando became one of the first cities in America to switch all of its employees to Gmail. Cross has been CIO at the City of Orlando since December of 1999 and has been leading the Google Apps deployment that took only two months and is resulting in more than 60% savings.

Join Conrad for a live webcast on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT / 7:00 p.m. GMT. He’ll talk about moving 3,000 city employees to Google Apps. Please note that registration will occur on a third party site.

Like many city departments, the City of Orlando is facing an aging infrastructure juxtaposed with budget cuts and high demand for more advanced infrastructure services such as mobile access to email. We were using a Lotus Notes® email system and paying for numerous servers in City Hall, so we needed to find a different way of doing business.

This situation was all exacerbated by the fact that our IT department was recently whittled down from 84 workers to 69 this year. We determined after analyzing Google Apps that we could achieve significant savings and move into the cloud very quickly.

If we were to keep our current system, we estimated it would cost $133 a year for each of its 3,000 employees – or $399,000 including annual software licenses. Google charges $50 per user, or $150,000 delivering more than 60% in savings. In return, everyone from city planners to police officers will now use a web-based email system similar to Google’s popular Gmail, but without the advertisements that support the free consumer version.

Google servers will store all city email and run the application, and Google technicians in Google data centers will make sure it runs smoothly. Google will also help us more securely host records such as sensitive law-enforcement and legal documents by mustering greater resources and expertise than we could on our own.

After considering the cost and feature advantages, we made the decision to move to Google Apps. We were able to move to Google Apps in less than 60 days, a major accomplishment. When the mayor cornered me in the hallway, I was nervous – but then he told me how excited and supportive he was about the switch. We’re now on board with Google Apps and we don’t have to worry about constant upgrades or implementing new innovations, and the cost-savings we’re achieving are impressive.

My message for other city governments is: do the analysis and determine what your costs are. If the savings are compelling, then move quickly – you’ll see the move into the cloud is relatively fast and painless—and ultimately very cost-effective.

We’re eager to share our experiences about the nuances involving our transition to Google Apps, including what the main concerns were across the city in making the move and how we address them.

Please join us for this live event:

City of Orlando Cuts Costs by Over 66% by Moving Email and Apps into the Cloud
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. GMT

Posted by Serena Satyasai, Google Apps team

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Toyota Europe uses Google Maps API Premier to power desktop and mobile applications

Editor’s note: Toyota Motor Europe, based in Brussels, provides central content, websites and applications to all of Toyota’s country sites in Europe. Thirty-six of Toyota’s European country sites are built and hosted at Toyota Motor Europe. Manuel von Rahden, marketing manager for e-services, and Michaël Notté, IT project leader, explain how Google Maps API Premier allows the marketing team to define the direction of the website and allows the developers to easily implement the website design.

At the end of 2009, Toyota Motor Europe decided to create a pilot website which would be entirely optimized for mobile devices. The goal was to create a full mobile version of our website instead of a scaled down, simplified version of the current website. Location-based services are one of the great advantages of the mobile internet, so on top of a fully database driven car configurator, we planned a Google Maps API Premier based “Dealer Finder” for the mobile site. The pilot site http://www.toyota.de/mobile/ went live on time, and all of the main site Dealer Finder applications were migrated to Google Maps successfully.

We decided to use Google Maps on both main and mobile sites for many reasons:

* Our website visitors are already familiar with Google Maps and were very comfortable with using it
* One major goal of the redesign was to increase location-based information on our website
* The Google Maps API is open, allowing us to easily customize the application when creating international websites
* Version 3 of Google Maps API Premier is especially suited to be used for mobile sites and desktop web alike

The mobile website was tested in a usability lab with very good results. We also received very positive comments on the advanced features such as the car configurator and Google Maps based Dealer Finder.

The technical point of view
The goal of the project was to provide a flexible dealer locator solution that would fully integrate with our existing back-end services and CMS. Flexibility was crucial as the service had to be reusable with minimal efforts on both Toyota websites and Lexus websites across 26 markets. Even if we made the functionality quite generic, we always have one or two markets that come with very particular requirements. On top of that, we had to implement Google Maps API in our application and roll it out across Europe in very tight time frame and a strict deadline which we could not miss.

But we made it, thanks to the several advantages that the new Google Maps API v3 provides. Also, the fact that the Google service is available in all the languages we needed saved us considerable translation work. In particular, Google Maps API Version 3 provided us with some great features:

* More object-oriented which means a nicer & more efficient code, but more importantly it made easier to integrate it with our current code.
* Fully optimized for mobile: we were working on our first mobile site at the same time and we wanted to provide our dealer search service on this new platform. Response time of the Google API is very good and it works very smoothly on mobile. By using v3, we were able to implement it very quickly in our mobile site with minimum efforts as the same back-end is used for both platforms.

Google Maps API v3 was definitely a good choice; it is very easy to use for basic functionality, and yet offers all the flexibility and features to implement complex and advanced functionality. It is highly customizable and it gives us full control on our solution. This looks very promising for the future evolution of our application and for new services. And to quote our developer, “It was fun to do this project!”

To check out an example of Toyota Europe’s Website using Google Maps API Premier version 3, visit www.toyota.fr.

Posted by Natasha Wyatt, Google Earth and Maps team

Why the City of Los Angeles chose Google

Editor’s Note: In October, the City of Los Angeles – the second largest city in the United States – decided to switch its email to Google, a decision supported in a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council. We’ve invited Randi Levin, Chief Technology Officer for the City of Los Angeles and general manager of the city’s Information Technology Agency, to provide more insight into the reasons behind this decision.

Los Angeles is going Google. After a rigorous evaluation process to select the best email solution for the city, Los Angeles recently decided to move all 30,000 city employees to Google Apps from our existing GroupWise email system.

City employees fulfill a range of important functions – from policing our streets to supplying water and power to city residents and businesses, and from operating our libraries to designing and building wastewater treatment plants and other public facilities. We want to provide all these employees with modern tools that help them do their jobs. Some of the benefits our employees will see from the suite of Google applications include:

  • Improved collaboration. Much of the city’s work requires multiple people – even multiple departments – to work together. With instant messaging, video conferencing, and simultaneous review and editing of documents by multiple people, employees will have better tools to work together on projects.
  • Easier remote access. In a fast-paced city government, people often need access to work information when they’re not at work. With Google, employees will be able to access their information from any computer with an internet connection, as well as from their mobile phones.
  • Expanded storage. With Google, we can provide employees 25x the email storage they have today, saving them from having to make difficult decisions about which emails to keep or delete.

In addition to empowering employees across the city, everyone will benefit from Google’s security controls, which will provide a higher level of security for City data than exists with our current system.

Google Apps will also help conserve resources in the city’s Information & Technology Agency (ITA), which is responsible for researching, testing & implementing new technologies in ways that make Los Angeles a better place to live, work and play. Because the email and other applications are hosted and maintained by Google, ITA employees who previously were responsible for maintaining our email system can be freed up to work on projects that are central to making the city run.

By ITA estimates, Google Apps will save the city of Los Angeles millions of dollars by allowing us to shift resources currently dedicated to email to other purposes. For example, moving to Google will free up nearly 100 servers that were used for our existing email system, which will lower our electricity bills by almost $750,000 over five years. In short, this decision helps us to get the most out of the city’s IT budget.

The decision to move to Google Apps was not taken lightly. The city issued a request for proposals and received 15 proposals, which were evaluated by city officials. The top four proposals were invited to give oral presentations, with CSC‘s proposal for Google Apps receiving the highest marks. This decision was reviewed and discussed by the Los Angeles City Council which, after a healthy debate, voted unanimously to move forward with Google Apps.

Learn more about this installation here:

Many other government agencies across California and around the country have already reached out to us to learn more. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Los Angeles found Google’s system availability of 99.9% and service levels for response in the event of an issue to be equivalent – if not better – to what we could provide ourselves. Together with the cost savings, it all adds up to a compelling argument for government agencies both small and large.

We still have work ahead of us, but we’re excited to be moving forward with Google and CSC to bring state of the art email and collaboration tools to the employees of the City of Los Angeles.

Randi Levin, Chief Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles

Posted by Dan Israel, Google Enterprise team